Indulge in timeless elegance with a fabric that only grows more beautiful over time. Our garment is meticulously crafted from textured silk noil, a remarkable embodiment of sustainability. By ingeniously repurposing leftover silk filaments, we’ve created a new strand that gives birth to the distinctive slub texture, delivering a soft, velvety sensation like no other. Embrace both luxury and eco-consciousness with our textured silk noil garment, destined to age gracefully while leaving a minimal footprint on the planet.

Made with 100% Raw Silk.?
Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry.
Handmade in India.

Honoring Earth + Maker
Each of our wovens are handcrafted in India, preserving age-old Indian textile traditions. They are made in beautiful, family-operated studios under safe working conditions for fair wages.

Everyday Pant – Black Silk Noil